AuthorDigital is a dedicated team of veteran game makers. Many of us have worked together numerous times over the past 15 years. Our founders and core leadership team individually have 20+ years of experience creating fun-filled experiences on PC, Consoles, and mobile platforms as well as building robust back-end gaming infrastructure and services.


Driven by our CEO Serena, AuthorDigital is dedicated to the following core principles:

  • Family comes first - always

  • Direct and constant communication between creators and players

  • Interconnected gaming ecosystem between game genres and platforms

  • Contribute to the fun and success of your friends no matter what you play


  • Success comes from fearless communication and active listening

  • Community is the key and users must be heard and treated with respect

  • The focus is on achieving team goals, not just gaining individual accolades

  • Content should be accessible and available to everyone


  • Enable players to be creative and share their creativity

  • Inclusion, diversity and representation matter and are celebrated



AuthorDigital Founders

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